Our Story

Greyfox Investors specializes in managing assets for individuals, non-profits and endowments. We feel there are fundamental flaws in the traditional investment broker/financial advisor model. Fees are excessively high and conflicts of interest influence money manager’s decisions.

With this in mind, Greyfox has developed an investment approach and fee structure that eliminates those flaws while allowing you more control over your investment accounts.


Greyfox offers simple but elegant and intelligent solutions. We take to heart the principle that, often the best solution is the simplest solution. If your financial advisor cannot explain everything in your portfolio to you simply, your advisor does not understand the risks your portfolio faces. Excess complexity is often a way to give the appearance of sophistication and frequently increases fees without increasing returns.

Transparency & Affordability

Traditional brokers are incentivized to trade their company’s proprietary funds, and to trade them often. Sales fees and 12b-1 fees are a constant conflict of interest and drain on portfolio performance. Greyfox offers objective advice aligned with your goals.

Fee levels are one of the primary drivers of fund return. High fees diminish returns. Top managers one year often are near the bottom the next; but the fees remain the same. Indexing removes performance unpredictability and high fees.

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