About Us

Greyfox Investors LLC is an independent portfolio and wealth management firm based in Ojai, California. Greyfox was born out of dissatisfaction with the current landscape of the financial industry, where profits are valued over providing sound advice. Unlike brokers we do not accept compensation for selecting certain funds, or make money by trading your account. Our goal is to align our interests with the client; a better way to ensure the client receives objective and sound advice.

Our work is focused in the following three areas:

Helping individuals, non-profits and endowments allocate and invest funds, Separate Account Portfolio Management, and Retirement planning.

Our investment process combines a robust quantitative process with in depth fundamental research. Our model uses both traditional quantitative factors such as momentum and P/B and combines them with novel factors based on the latest ongoing finance research. We also conduct in depth fundamental research on each stock that will be included in a portfolio. For our asset allocation and retirement planning services, we leverage this quantitative background to construct optimal portfolios for each client.

I’m Nathan Wallace, founder of Greyfox Investors. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. Please email us at nathan@greyfoxinvestors.com if you would like to learn more about our work.