Non-Profits and Endowments

Our Approach

Our work with non-profits and endowments focuses on two areas: Investors education and robust portfolio construction.

It is necessary and important that board and staff members understand the investment decisions being made with their funds.

Working with the board and staff allows for greater organizational understanding of portfolio strategies and goals.

Our Portfolios

Our portfolio construction process is driven by two main factors:

  1. Simplicity РWe offer simple but elegant and intelligent solutions.  We take to heart the principle that, often the best solution is the simplest solution. Excess complexity is often a way to give the appearance of sophistication and frequently increases fees without increasing returns.
  2. Affordability – High fee funds tend to under-perform over time, and fees are a primary driver of portfolio performance. By reducing fees, the long term impacts to portfolio return can be significant.

Working With Us

We try and be as flexible as possible in offering our services. Our goal is to build the best working relationship with our non-profit clients regardless of the form it takes.

For some clients we offer asset allocations and they do the rest, and for others we handle all aspects of the portfolio construction and implementation. This lets clients have the level of assistance and guidance they feel most comfortable with.